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Aftld, AfNOG - African Network Operators Group, AfriNIC - Regional Internet Registry , AfrISPA - Association of African ISP Associations


Pierre Dandjinou (Benin)
- Elected Coordinator of the Africa Internet Group (AIG) - Pierre organized the first African Conference on Internet Governance in Cotonou, 1998 (see - Mr Dandjinou was part of the team that crafted and organized Afnog in Cape Town - Chairman of the Board of Afrinic (May 2000) - works for UNDP

Charles Musisi (.ug - Uganda)
Internet consultant, and the delegated administrator of the ccTLD for Uganda (.ug). He helped build Uganda's first networks, and currently runs the East Africa Help Desk. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of AfriNIC. He lives in Uganda. Also among the conveners of Afnog, and is currently a member of the Icann Nominating Committee.

Dr. Nii Quaynor (Ghana)
Dr. Nii Quaynor is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Network Computer Systems (NCS), Ghana. Dr Nii holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Stonybrook. He is president of the Internet Society chapter for Ghana, and has been deeply involved in the formation of AFNOG, the African network operators group, and in the organization of AfriNIC, the emerging regional Internet registry for Africa. Dr Quaynor is elected ICANN @ Large Director nominee, member of the DNSO (elected June 2000). cctld administrator for .gh.
Board of trustees member of Afrinic (May 2000). And was recently participating on the country code top level domains (cctld) Names Council

Calvin Browne
Director of UniForum SA ( UniForum SA currently administers the domain name space, which is the largest zone in Africa and accounts for approximately 95% of South Africa's namespace. Financial Director, Vice Chairperson of the board, Responsibilities for legal matters and Joint spokesperson. Attended and actively taken part in the ICANN meetings held in Singapore, Washington, Berlin, Cairo and Yokohama. Calvin has participated in AFNOG, AfriNIC and Ripe NCC, ISOC and INET events. Self-nominated and endorsed by 51 @large members. ICANN director candidate for Africa.

Adiel Akplogan (Togo)
Internet Infrastructure and Services Consultant. Director of Internet and Data Transmision at CAFE Informatique & Telecommunications S.A., i was in charge of seting up the first Internet Node in TOGO (1997). First vice-president of Internet Society TOGO i'm deeply involve in many Africa internet Organisation such as AFNOG (Afican Network Operator Group) and AFRINIC bootstrap process. Member of gtf-icann a francophone expert group for Internet Governance In Africa support by INTIF i attends all ICANN meeting since 1999 where i'm active memeber of ISPCP and ccTLD constituancy of ICANN.

Alan Levin ( - South Africa)
An ebusiness consultant at the Future Perfect Corporation. He has a BSc majored in Computer Science and Industrial Psychology plus an MBA from the University of Cape Town. Alan was an ICANN @ Large Director nominee, active member of ISPA (South African Internet Service Providers Association), Executive Council of CITI (Cape IT Initiative), and has been involved with the formation of AfriDNS.

Zakaria Amar (.mr - Mauritania)
Non-commercial domain name holders (ncdnh) Names Council of the DNSO.

Yann Kwok (Mauritius)
Yann Kwok holds a postgraduate degree in Information Systems from the University of Cape Town. He has worked as a consultant on several United Nations projects, and is actively involved in various Internet initiatives worldwide. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of AfriNIC, the emerging regional Internet Registry. He was elected to the ICANN's ccTLD Administrative committee of the DNSO, and chair of AFTLD, the African association of Top Level Domains. He is a member of the AFNOG management committee, and the ccTLD manager for .mu

Tarek Kamel (Egypt)
Tarek Kamel is a member in the Board of Trustees of the Internet Society and the co-founder and Secretary of the Internet Society of Egypt (ISE), an ISOC chapter. Kamel founded the Communications Department at the Information and Decision Support Center IDSC/RITSEC. He is managing the main Egyptian Internet gateway, servicing over 50 commercial ISPs and hundreds of government organizations. Kamel's work extended into liberalization issues such as a tax reduction for ISPs as well as a government/private sector partnership to serve the Egyptian Internet community. He has actively participated in the establishment of community centers in remote areas to bring the Internet to the have-nots.

Ant Brooks
Head of the Future Foundation and ISP champion. Ant has run the ISPA in South Africa since it was formed in 1996.

Mike Jensen
Leading researcher covering African internet over the past 5-6 years.

Mohamet Diop, Pierre Ouedraogo, Anne-Rachel Inne,
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