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curriculum vitae
PO Box 399, Green Point, 8051
South Africa
tel (h): +27 21 439 8732
mobile: +27 82 600 8181
Email: alan@afridns.org

Internet business developer with strong technical and commercial skills.

I contribute to strategic intent and add e-value to a business operating in the new economy. My strengths include passion, financial acumen and the ability to operate in an organisation as a change agent. My track record reflects delivery on a number of e-commerce and e-business systems, products, and entities. Where performance is tracked through project-based environments, I have realised numerous success stories, often leveraging open source technologies.

My career goal is to create jobs and build the African economy, from Cape Town, using the internet.

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) (University of Cape Town) 95; Full time at the Graduate School of Business

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) (University of the Witwatersrand) 1/88 -- 12/90; Computer Science and Industrial Psychology.

Work Experience

7/99 - current,
Cape Town
Sunesi: Sunesi is a new IT company, operating in global healthcare market space. The company has successfully developed and marketed an internet appliance which performs primary clinical diagnostic tests. My role included the planning and provision of internet services, connectivity, online publishing and ecommerce. This role expanded into a strategic planning and leadership role for IT systems and infrastructure.

Milestones include; Sunesi.net ISP, VAN and ASP. Dial-up access SLA, Open-systems secure email, Content management system, professional and consumer community healthcare portals, central repository and networked information strategy.

7/96 - 7/99,
Cape Town
Intekom: Intekom is a South African Internet Service Provider. It is a whole subsidiary of Telkom, the South African Telecommunications operator (and an SBC communications / Malaysian telecoms company).

I co-founded Intekom as well as established the Cape Town regional office. I created the web development division and initiated special projects, which transformed into the New Business Development and Deployment division.

I was responsible for establishing and managing all resources and infrastructure in rendering of Internet services. This includes national offerings of commercial services, business development, electronic commerce, and various access and hosting products.

I resigned from this company to take a position at Sunesi.

Milestones included; Aardvark - African search engine, CT 2004 Olympic Bid presence - which achieved the highest accolade from the US - 2 Innovision new media Gold awards, Telkom SA web presence, Private label web development with US contracts, and various leading products such as the under acclaimed Intekom domain hosting service. The Western Cape region accounted for over 40% of company revenue.

5/95 - 1/97,
Cape Town
Internet Consulting: While participating in the full time MBA programme, I placed strong emphasis on real time marketing. This allowed me the privilege to enter the internet industry from a competitive, contemporary perspective.

Intekom acquired this company including all nine staff.

Milestones included; Two Oceans Trading - the first ecommerce community in SA, Madiba Music - a community of interest in African music, acquisition of highly acclaimed World Wide Marketeers, Telkom - SAIX network services contract, and Intekoms' Western Cape presence.
1/93 -- 8/94;
Tel Aviv
Caftor-Im Ltd: With a partner, I established an import-export company in the fashion industry. Once this company had grown up, I decided to return to South Africa, to return to the information technology industry, a more corporate career and acquire a MBA.
1/92 -- 1/93;
Tel Aviv - Israel
Big Tom Ltd: Through the development of marketing and management systems for this chain of fashion outlets my partner and I transformed this business into a successful fashion company.
1/91 -- 1/92;
Andersen Consulting: Management consultant assigned to the Strategy/Change Management Practice. Insight into Andersen culture and training provided valuable skills in both corporate culture and management consulting. My work at clients included business strategy, organisational design and remuneration. The majority of projects included technology impact assessments and technology based training. I resigned from Andersen Consulting due to the partnership offer and business opportunity in Tel Aviv.

Prior to 1991;
Self-employed: As a freelance software programmer I developed user friendly customised business solutions still being used today. In addition I wrote a commercial Sort software package using a high level programming language. I have worked for eight years as a freelance professional photographer. I was elected as campus newspaper editor for a year (circulation of 3000).

Since becoming a father over two years ago, my personal outdoor activities have become restricted to gardening, DIY and the occasional game of ultimate Frisbee or touch rugby. I spend quality time with my wife Terri and my son Shai. I am also described as a person to whom the Internet is normal.

I recently attended the African Network Operators Group (AFNOG) meetings in Cape Town. In addition to being involved in the formation of Afrinic, I have recently accepted a position the executive committee of the Cape IT initiative (CITI). I also am in the process of formalising Afridns - a non-profit organisation to address issues of African domain names. Most notably - I have been nominated to represent Africa as a ICANN director.

"I have known Alan for many years and have closely followed the Internet work he has been involved in. He is the most knowledgeable person I know as regards the Internet, its application in commerce and its wider impact on society. Over the last few years he has given me invaluable advice for my business, the validity of which has been our point of reference in the rapidly shifting technological environment."

Dr. Ian Neuburger, CEO Medpages - a healthcare data services company. (Cell: 083 4484555; email ian@medpages.co.za)

"Alan brings to any project a deep understanding of the workings and capabilities of the Internet, together with an intuitive knowledge of the new economy. He follows through by leading or contributing to implementation teams with expertise and enthusiasm. Having said this, his perspective on technology is that it is primarily an enabler; he is always principally focused on the business or customer benefit of any initiative."

Mark Neville, Marketing Director (ex MD) Sunesi Clinical Systems - a developer of digital tools for medical diagnostics. (Cell 083 259 1723; email mneville@iafrica.com)

"Alan is certainly one of the most 'net savvy' persons that I know. In addition to his razor sharp intellect, he is insightful, conscientious, helpful and has showed immense initiative, integrity and ability. He has also built up a network of well placed individuals the world over in the online industry who hold him the highest esteem.

Lance Michalson, Senior Partner Harty Rushmere - a SA Law boutique specialised in IT law. (Cell: 082 8254061; email lancem@salaw.co.za)

"Alan is a people person, and has impressed me with his ability to join any team or discussion, and to contribute, guide, and address the key issues that are brought forward while making sure all believe the outcome is the correct one. His ability to draw on, and balance, his knowledge of people, business, and technology has been an ally in advocating my passion for open-source technologies, where appropriate, at Sunesi and beyond. Working with him at Sunesi has been a pleasure, and I look forward to our continued association in the various communities and projects in which we both participate."

Neil Blakey-Milner, Systems Administrator Sunesi, privileged BSD developer - (Cell: 083 2337061, email nbm@mithrandr.moria.org)